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Medieval maps show Jerusalem at the epicenter of Asia, Europe, and Africa.

The world flows into this spot, and all life's forces resonate here.

Yet God chose the Land of Israel as the chosen land, and Jerusalem as its spiritual focus. Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan writes in "Eye of the Universe": "If you look at a map you will see the geographical location of the Land of Israel virtually guaranteed that it would play a key role in the tides of civilization.

The Old World consisted of two great landmasses, Eurasia (Europe and Asia) and Africa.

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It was impossible to travel from Eurasia to Africa without passing through the Holy Land.

Therefore, every conqueror, every civilization that passed from one continent to the other had to pass through the Holy Land and come in contact with the Jew.

The Land of Israel thus interacted with virtually every great civilization, and all of them were, to some degree, influenced by the teachings of the Torah.

Besides being a gateway between north and south, the Holy Land is part of the keystone link between east and west.

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