Daniel craig and eva green dating

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Daniel craig and eva green dating

He said he had recorded the voicemail and played it to a colleague in the office, who told him that another reporter on the paper, Mr Z, had already picked up a tip about the affair.Mr Z had been delighted when he heard about it: “The voicemail was incontrovertible proof that the editor of the required to run the story.” Evans said there had been excitement about the voicemail in the newspaper’s office. Andy was standing right next to me, listening to the tape.” Evans was asked how Coulson and the others had reacted.Coulson sat in the dock with his chin resting on his right hand as Evans described how he had come to hack Craig’s voicemail in September 2005.He said it had been an unhappy time, he had felt quite bullied at work. I love you.” When he checked the number from which she was calling, he found it belonged to Sienna Miller.No more hookey stuff.” He said he had understood that this was a reference to hacking and that he had gone to his desk, in the middle of the features department.There he destroyed micro-cassettes with recordings of intercepted voicemail, shredded paperwork containing call data and ripped-up notebooks.“Mr Z, about 20 minutes later, comes back upstairs with the Jiffy bag with a look of mock surprise: ‘Look what I’ve found! No.” They had held the story back for a further week.

The pair enjoyed dinner at a Japanese restaurant and reportedly seemed in no hurry to get home, following the completion of their upcoming movie Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiars.

Britain has developed sophisticated cyberweapons capable of crippling a hostile state, GCHQ has revealed amid warnings that Russia is launching more aggressive online attacks.

Assaults on US central command, Twitter accounts...

Theresa May forced Damian Green, her deputy and closest ally, to resign last night after he admitted making “inaccurate and misleading” statements about pornography found on his parliamentary computer.

In the biggest resignation of the Westminster sex scandal, Mr Green was found to have lied when he denied knowledge of material discovered on his Commons computer by...

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At one point, another journalist had “monstered” him in an email, written entirely in capital letters: “If you don’t come up with a front-page story soon then you might as well jump off a cliff.” He had gone home that weekend, he told the jury, and “hacked every phone I could possibly think of hacking, and that included one belonging to the actor Daniel Craig, who might be better known as James Bond”. Evans said that over the previous months he had followed the story of Miller’s turbulent relationship with fellow actor Jude Law, who had been exposed for an affair with their nanny.