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Dating a hundi man

This is a prestamped letter card and was found in an old desk by my nanas cousin.

He suggests inside in his kite that it'll be worth a fortune one day. Can anyone identify and value this Wilding Queen Elizabeth 5d stamp?

coronation of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, cover by British Philatelic Association . This stamp was collected by my grand father that could have have collected it in central Africa to South Africa region. Would like to know the value of the Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips (1973) stamp - see attachment. On this form, I don't see where I can enter my e-mail address for reply. Found in an auction lot, this SG748 has the value & Queen's head printed in black instead of the usual gold. found these 2 albums 3000 years of british heritage postage stamps commemerating 3000 years of british heritage 117 stamps in total limited run of 500 in the entire world produced by the kenmore stamp co …

Four cover image by British Philatelic Association . My e-mail address is [email protected] again thank you in advance. I would be most grateful if anyone might know the approximate current value of this Edward V11 Two Shillings & Sixpence postage stamp.

Around the edge appears to be in latin are these 2 stamps of different denominations and colour that are joined together worth anything Not rated yetone stamps a queen elizebeth 11 7p stamp and its interlocked and joined partner is a queen elizebeth11 of 1p denomination they must of been printed like …

ive discovered these two interjoined pairs of stamps that are a different tone in colour an was wondering if they are as we say a valuable difference lol Not rated yetthese two joined pairs of new zealand red admiral butterfly 1cent stamps are clearly different shades of brown i think the two lighter shaded ones are …

Postcards and Envelopes Then you are found asking yourself, I wonder what the Value of Old Postage Stamps are?

I have these 2 old stamps - one was posted in 1943 and the other in 1951, their value at the time was one pound five shillings and one pound fifteen shillings … Not rated yet I have 2 envelopes with franked lilac 3d stamps on. 4 Green half penny stamps on writing paper dated 1947.

Can you help with some rough pricing please Not rated yet Hello, I just came across these that belonged to my grandfather and was wondering what type of value they have please. I have a 1941-2 dark green postage revenue 1/2p stamp. Not rated yet I have been looking through my Gran's stamp collection and wanted to start valuing her collection. There is a block of 15 stamps in 3 rows, with white edging strip along 2 sides.. hello I have part of an envelope with stamps on it and a stamp from post office dated 19 is this of any value Not rated yet Some are on thin paper with USA 3centpostage stamp I also have a very small one penny stamp it has a red swan revenue duty on top of the stamp it has …

It has queen elizabeth in the middle two pieces of foliage, one underneath her, one to the right of her. I have a Queen Victoria 2 & half penny blue stamp with a 'Large crown' watermark but can find no reference to such a stamp. All I can tell you is it's not listed in the Stanley Gibbons catalogue. Hi We have inherited an album full of stamps as well as many more loose stamps. Not rated yet Having the queen Elizabeth 11 and George V1 on the same envelope franked the year of the coronation 1953 - does this have any value?

These two are just a couple that we wanted to gauge value on. I have these 2 stamps and would like to know if they have any value? value of 3penny red stamps and 4 green half penny stamps Not rated yet Penny red stamps on birth and marriage certificates dated 1922 19.

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The other used one is obviously Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson I found loads of stamps next to a recycling bin when I was throwing away a cardboard box, I'd like to know if they are worth anything Unfortunately many of the stamps were damp and stuck together but others were fine. Kindly help me with The Value of the enclosed used old postage stamp from the British Era in India This is a a used British stamp from Pre - Independent India.

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