Dating in herefordshire

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Dating in herefordshire

Lyonshall is a parish in the northwest corner of the county of Herefordshire, England.

It is near to the border with Wales and has significant stretches of Offa's Dyke running through it.

On the death of Joan (Devereux) Fitzwalter in 1409, Lyonshall passes to the control of John Merbury by right of the dower of his wife Agnes (Crophul Devereux Parr).

John Merbury is indicated in 1428 as holding the one share of Lyonshall previously held by the Lord Fitzwalter.

As Touchet had no heir of his body, it was awarded to Giles de Badlesmere.

In 1382 de Burley agrees that if he dies without male issue, Lyonshall should go to John Devereux, 1st Baron Devereux, in fee.

In 1382, Lyonshall passed to Simon de Burley, a royal favourite.

Introduced to court at a young age, he went to sea at the age of 14 to fight the Spanish, and he was a soldier until his capture by the French at Poitou in 1369.

Lyonshall Parish covers 5,000 acres (2,000 hectares) and is on the Black and White Village Trail. In Lordship 2 ploughs; 3 villagers, 11 smallholders and 3 riding men with 5 ploughs. From some men settled there 110d are given for as long as they wish .

Lyonshall was listed under the name Lenehalle the Domesday Book of 1086. Also making an appearance in Domesday Book are the adjacent parishes of Kington, Titley and Rushock, all described as non-tax paying waste lands.

To the east of Lyonshall lies Pembridge, which, like Lyonshall, is described as a reasonable sized manor.

Walter Devereux of Bodenham and Weobley holds 1 fee until his death in 1403, and then his widow, Agnes (Crophull) Devereux holds it as part of her dower and conveys it to John Merbury when they marry after her second husband, John Parr, dies.

Thomas Devereux of Wotton continues to hold his interest.

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He was a court tutor, and his former pupil, Richard II, made him Governor of Windsor and Llanstephan, Master of Falconry and Keeper of the Royal Mews; he also received a great number of manors and estates in reward for his service.