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Ms Lutteropp's family said in a statement on Wednesday: 'Jana fought hard to stay alive.However, we are sad to say that she lost her fight today.'The German citizen was snorkeling 100 yards off Palauea Beach in Makena when a shark attacked and bit off her arm."Rick risked his life," said Grisaffi, 61, of Laguna Beach, California. Should I have grabbed my fins and swam out with him?" It it not known what type of shark attacked Ms Lutteropp .Her work explores contemporary identity and the impact and role of cultural, social and technological developments in its formation.The presentation High in Amsterdam, The Sky of Amsterdam brings together work from all of Euler’s solo exhibitions so far, combined with new work she has created especially for the Stedelijk Museum’s IMC Gallery.

Grisaffi said he's been replaying the ordeal in his mind.

The work of the young German artist Jana Euler (1982) is permeated by energy.

Euler’s practice focuses on the interplay of painting, sculpture and word & image.

Actual materiality and the almost hyper-real state of objects are equally central to Euler’s practice.

A dynamic interaction – varying from figurative, abstract to surreal – challenges our perceptions and the definition of reality and image.

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