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Updating drupal themes

Check out the link mentioned to learn more about the effort, would love your input on how to accomplish this big usability improvement. Jacob This would be just great -- a relatively simple way to perform updates.Funny, but I was just on the phone this AM with Alex Lindahl of Acquia about my interest in handling this sort of thing on my own, as a site owner (rather than paying for external support to do this, as I'm doing now).This allows you to upgrade the original theme and retain your code separately.So - you will still need to review updates to the core theme, but this approach (for me) makes the most sense, means I'm maintaining the smallest amount of code, and provides a fairly straightforward way to build on the existing themes Drupal offers. I used to do it when Zen 1.x was in development, I would simply run a Diff tool (Changes App) over the latest Starterkit and my sub-theme, and then where necessary over the original source files and the renamed/modified file.

Also, we're working on secure ways to download the packages using open SSL or gnupg or whatever will work cross platform and be secure.

The movie is now called "Installing the Acquia Dev Desktop".

After the course was released, Acquia changed their branding.

Moved to official ideas list at Here it is, the traditional proposal: a module that automatically fetches modules (and themes, theme engines, etc.) from and uploads them to your site.

Unlike previous attempts, however, this will not be a security risk; it will use its own (s)ftp engine to upload fetched files to the site.

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